Omdia: adoption of OLEDs in smartwatch applications grows to 37% of the market

Omdia says that it expects the global smartwatch display market to reach 359 million units in 2024 (up from 259 million units in 2022). OLEDs hold a 37% market share (132 million units).

Omdia says that the leading smartwatch OLED producers, in the first half of 2024, are LG Display (Apple's main supplier), Everdisplay and Tianma - which together hold a 53% market share. China-based wearable OLED production accounts to 64% of the total market.


Omdia says that wearable OLED producers are continuously updating their technology roadmap to further reduce power consumption, enhance visibility and improve durability. This results in an increased adoption of OLED displays in smartwatch applications. 

Posted: Jun 07,2024 by Ron Mertens