Investing in OLEDs: discover OLED stocks to invest in

OLED is a display technology that enables thin, efficient, flexible and bright displays, TVs and lighting devices. OLED displays offer the world's best image quality - and enable flexible, foldable and rollable displays (see more here - What is OLED?).

The OLED market is already a multi-billion dollar market, led by Samsung, LG Display, BOE and others. It is estimated that OLED displays generated over $40 billion in revenues in 2023 and the market is expected to continue growing in the future.

OLED stocks

There are dozens of companies developing and producing OLEDs, from display makers such as Samsung, LG and BOE to smaller R&D startups and IP companies.

For public investors interested in the OLED market, there are several good options, including:

  • Universal Display Corporation: UDC is an OLED pioneer, and holds many of the key patents in the industry (mostly around efficient phosphorescent OLED emitters). Virtually all AMOLED displays on the market adopt UDC's PHOLED materials, and the company experienced very fast growth in revenue in recent years. Universal Display's stock ticker is OLED, you can see the OLED share price here.
  • eMagin: eMagin is an OLED microdisplay pioneer, and has been developing and producing such displays for many years, focusing on the defense market and recently also on the consumer VR/AR market. In 2023, eMagin was acquired by Samsung.
  • OLED display makers: There are several OLED display makers, and most of them are public companies are are held by public companies: Samsung Display (held by Samsung Electronics), LG display, Visionox, BOE and others.
  • OLED equipment makers: There are several public equipment companies (for Coherent) that offer OLED production systems or components. These companies could be a good investment opportunity to investors who believes a new wave of OLED capacity expansion is near.


UTG glass developer Dowoo Insys plans to IPO in 2025

A report from Korea suggests that Dowoo Insys is planning to IPO in 2025. The company will list on the Korean Exchange, and it plans to file the preliminary information and documents by the end of the summer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phone

Dowoo Insys was established in 2010, to develop glass products for the display industry. The company's main product is thin flexible glass covers for foldable displays - UTG glass - which it supplies to Samsung Display (its main customer). Dowoo does not produce its own glass - it buys flexible glass from Schott and then treats it in its own facilities. 

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Xi'an Manareco New Materials to increate its stake of Idemitsu Kosan's OLED business in China to 20%

Xi'an Manareco New Materials announced that it intends to invest around $10 million (76.4 million Yuan) in Idemitsu Kosan's China-based Idemitsu Electronic Materials. Following this investment, Manareco's stake at the company will rise to 20%. 

Xi'an Manareco says that Idemitsu plans to move most of its OLED material production to its China-based company. Manareco is a strategic material supplier to Idemitsu, and it hopes to expand its OLED intermediate business. In addition, the company is developing and supplying OLED stack materials (such as EIL, HIL, ETL and more).

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Visionox announces plans to build a $7.6 billion 8.6-Gen AMOLED line in Hefei

Visionox is the latest company to announce a new AMOLED production line, targeting the IT display market - laptops, monitors and tablets. The company said that it will best 55 billion Yuan (around $7.6 billion USD) to build a 8.6-Gen production line in Hefei, Anhui province.

Visionox's production line will have a monthly capacity of 32,000 substrates. The company did not share any details regarding the timeline of this project, or its financing.

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Universal Display reports excellent financial results for Q1 2024

Universal Display announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2024. Total revenues were $165.3 million (up from $130.5 million in Q1 2023), and a net income of $56.9 million (up from $39.8 million).

UDC PHOLED materials photo (2017)
UDC says it seas meaningful growth opportunities across several verticals: the IT display market, TVs, smartphones, and foldable phones. UDC raised the lower end of its guidance for 2024, now it believes it will be in the range of $635 million to $675 million.

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Kopin announces its third OLED microdisplay defense design win and order

Kopin Corporation  announced that it has received its third order for its OLED microdisplays, to be used in thermal imaging vision systems, for the Indian army. Kopin says that it will deliver over 1,200 microdisplays over a six-month time span.

Kopin Lightning 2K OLED microdisplay

Last month Kopin announced that it has a achieved two important milestones in its OLED projects. Kopin is in the process of establishing an OLED deposition partner in Europe, and the company has reported impressive performance improvements.

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The Elec: UDC's blue PHOLED material is still unstable, may delay market introduction

Universal Display Corporation has announced several times that it is progressing with its blue PHOLED material development, and it is on track to release the first commercial material by the end of 2024. In November 2023 we reported that UBI estimates that Samsung has delayed the adoption of a blue PHOLED to the second half of 2025.

UDC RGB PHOLED materials photoNow there's a new report in Korea that claims that UDC's blue PHOLED project is facing technical challenges, and UDC is still not able to achieve a long-lasting blue emitter at the right color point. It will be interesting to know whether UDC addresses this issue in its next investor conference call (May 2nd). 

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LG Display to raise 970 million USD to accelerate its OLED R&D and production expansion

LG Display says it plans to issue new shares, and raise around $970 million USD. The company plans to invest this capital in its OLED business, to meet the demand for advanced displays.

LG 2024 OLED TV range launch image

LG Display's strategic plan is to increase WOLED (large-area) display production by 20% compared to 2023. It also plans to increase its small and medium sized AMOLED business, but it seems LGD has not yet committed to expand production capacity further.

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UDC reported its financial results for Q4 2023, sees a new cycle of investments in the OLED industry

Universal Display Corporation reported its financial results for Q4 2023, with revenues of $158 million, and a net income of $62 million. For the whole year (2023), UDC reproted revenues of $576 million and net income of $203 million. The company ended 2023 with $800 million in cash and equivalents, and has increased its quarterly dividend.

UDC RGB PHOLED materials photoUDC says that the market still suffers from soft spending in smartphone and premium TVs. UDC, however, says that it believes that the OLED industry is starting a new and exciting multiyear investment cycle.

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BOE reports a 70% drop in profits in 2023, as demand for displays remains low

BOE Group says that profits in 2023 dropped almost 70% compared to 2023, as demand for displays is low. BOE says that its profit in 2023 will be in the range of 2.3 to 2.5 billion yuan (around $324 to $350 million USD). Including some nonrecurring items, the company expects to report a net loss of $77 - $100 million USD in 2023 (that's around 70% lower than the loss in 2022).

BOE 15-inch rollable OLED demo, Display Week 2023

BOE says that its LCD business was more profitable in 2023 - which likely means that its OLED business is still incurring losses. BOE updates that it shipped almost 120 million flexible AMOLED displays in 2023 (in October it said it sold over 100 million).

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LG Display returns to profit as OLED smartphone and TV shipments increase

LG Display announced its financial results for Q4 2023, with an operating profit of almost $100 million - after 7 quarters of losses. LGD says that demand for both its smartphone displays and WOLED panels (TVs and monitors) has increased. OLED revenues amounted to 57% of the company's total revenues during the quarter. 

LG Display says that it expects market volatility to continue in 2024, due to prolonged unstable macroeconomic conditions. The company will be "strengthening the competitiveness of its OLED businesses", and it expects OLED panel shipments to grow 20% in 2024 compared to 2023. In the upcoming Q1 2024 quarter analysts expected earnings to weaken due to low seasonal demand.

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