The OLED Toolbox

The OLED Toolbox

The OLED Toolbox (latest edition: July 2024) provides a complete set of information products and tools for OLED professionals. The Toolbox provides an unprecedented depth of OLED content, data, analysis and insights, written and compiled by the industry's leading portal,


What you'll find inside

  • OLED Guide

    An expert guide to OLED technologies, the OLED market and the OLED industry, covering everything you need to know about OLEDs

  • OLED Insights

    OLED analysis and insights, covering all the latest and future trends and developments in the OLED industry

  • OLED Spreadsheets

    Excel files with detailed information on the OLED market and industry (including OLED devices, fabs, microdisplays, automotive solutions and more)

  • OLED Leaders

    In-depth articles by leading OLED professionals to discuss industry and market topic

  • OLED Library

    Over 160 content items by industry players - brochures, catalogs, roadmaps, presentations and more.

Ron Mertens

The OLED Toolbox was written and compiled by Ron Mertens, CEO and editor-in-chief at OLED-Info, the global knowledge hub for all things OLED.

The OLED Toolbox presents an unparalleled array of resources, including guides, projections, analyses, and profound insights into the world of OLED displays and lighting. Never before has it been so easy to gain access to a complete OLED industry resource!

What can the OLED Toolbox be used for

  • Learn the latest trends in the OLED industry, and tune your R&D and marketing efforts correctly
  • Get a better understanding on the OLED market and where it is headed
  • Identify potential customers - key supply chain companies, suppliers, equipment maker and display makers
  • Learn from history, and avoid making mistakes in a highly dynamic industry
  • Help your new employees become skilled OLED professionals quickly
  • Make sure your marketing and R&D budgets are used correctly for the best results
  • Understand how your product, service or technology fit inside the display industry
  • And much more!
The OLED Toolbox offers an unmatched resource for education and information, while also serving as an indicator of the health, growth and future of the OLED industry. Readers new to OLEDs will gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and technology, while OLED veterans will benefit from the up-to-date information on growth, trends, and the latest and most important developments.

The OLED Toolbox is a one-stop-shop for OLED content, analysis, data, expert knowledge and insights. It is an invaluable tool for R&D teams, marketing teams, management, analysts, market communication and business-development managers. The Toolbox is offered in a company-wide license that can be shared with the entire organization.

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  • Pay by credit-card / Paypal
  • An enterprise-wide license
  • Free updates for a year
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The OLED Toolbox at a glance

  • An in-depth market and industry report (315 slides)
  • Insights and analysis on OLED industry trends (71 slides, 24 trends covered)
  • Structured industry and market data (711 data rows)
  • Contributed industry media (163 presentations, brochures, white papers, catalogs, roadmaps and datasheets)
  • Expert guides into OLED industry and market topics
  • Enterprise-wide license, sharable by the entire organization
  • One-stop-shop for OLED information, guides, insights, analysis and data
  • And much more!

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