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Samsung Display increases focus on small and medium AMOLED production

A report from Korea suggests that SDC has transferred around 500 of its engineers from its large-area OLED development division, or about 30% of them, to its divisions that focus on small and medium-sized AMOLED development.

Samsung Display S-Foldalbe AMOLED smartphone prototype (SID DIsplayweek 2021)

Samsung tri-folding AMOLED prototype

According to the report, the main reason for SDC's change of priorities is due to the need to remain competitive with Chinese-based OLED makers that are offering OLED panels at low costs. Samsung estimates that it is ahead of its Chinese competitors by only a year or a year and half, and it is just a matter of time until Chinese companies catch up with South Korea makers (SDC and LGD).

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BOE starts constructing its 8.6-Gen IT flexible AMOLED line in Chengdu

Towards the end of 2023, BOE officially announced its plans for a 8.6-Gen flexible LTPO AMOLED line in Chengdu. The agreement with Chengdu's local government was signed in early 2024, and now BOE started to construct its new production line.

The total investment in the fab is expected to reach 63 billion Yuan (over $8.7 billion USD). The fab will have a capacity of 32,000 monthly substrates (2290x2620 mm), and is expected to begin production by Q4 2026 (total construction time will be 34 months, according to the plan).

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Japan Display again delays its plans to build a 8.7-Gen eLEAP AMOLED line in China

In 2022, Japan Display (JDI) announced that it has developed a "historic breakthrough in display technology" - a new OLED deposition process which they refer to as eLEAP, that is said to be cost effective and can be used to create freeform OLEDs that are brighter, more efficient, and longer lasting compared to OLEDs produced using mask evaporation (FMM).

JDI eLEAP AMOLED technology advantages

Japan Display announced an agreement with China-based LCD maker HKC Corp to mass produce panels by 2025 in China, based on JDI's technology, but the plan was later cancelled, and JDI said it will establish its own factory in China. This project saw delays and was scaled-down in December 2023, and yesterday JDI announces that it again delays the project - now hoping to sign the agreement with the Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone by October 2024.

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Reports suggest low yields at SDC's fab causes Apple to delay the launch of its first AMOLED tablets

In January 2024 we reported that Samsung Display and LG Display have started to produce AMOLED displays for Apple's future iPads, to be announced later this year. Earlier expectations were for Apple to order a total of 10 million iPad AMOLED displays in 2024 from both LGD and SDC, with LGD getting around 60% of the orders. 

Apple was aiming to launch the new OLED iPads this month, but have now reportedly delayed the release to May, as Samsung is suffering from low yields for the 11" AMOLED panels, mostly due to the tandem stack architecture.

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Rumors suggest TCL CSOT will soon announce its investment in a 8.6-Gen IT AMOLED production line

A report from China suggests that TCL CSOT is looking into building a 8.6-Gen AMOLED production line, targeting IT display production. According to the report, TCL will announce its investment plan later in 2024, if it decides to go ahead with the new fab.

The IT display market (targeting laptops, monitors and tablets) is heating up as Apple will start to adopt AMOLED displays in its tablets this year. Apple's market pull is significant and other vendors will likely increase adoption of IT AMOLEDs. 

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Inuru inaugurates its inkjet printing OLED lighting production line in Wildau

Germany-based OLED lighting developer Inuru inaugurated its new OLED lighting panel production line, the "Dragon Factory", in Wildau near Berlin, Germany. This is an important milestone for Inuru, which is focusing on medication packaging and entertainment applications. The production line is now ready, but it will probably take some time to ramp-up and achieve full-scale production.

Inuru produces its OLED lighting panels using an inkjet printing process, which it says educes production costs by around 90% compared to conventional (evaporation-based) processes. 

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Kopin progresses with its OLED microdisplay projects with its new European foundry partner

Kopin Corporation announced that it has a achieved two important milestones in its OLED projects. First, Kopin is in the process of establishing an OLED deposition partner in a "strong NATO-member European country" through a transition effort that is scheduled to be production ready in 2024. Kopin did not disclose its new foundry partner, but it is likely to be France's MicroOLED.

Kopin Lightning 2K OLED microdisplay

The second achievement is that this same deposition partner has completed initial life testing and has achieved near-zero degradation in brightness performance after operating displays at brightness levels exceeding 20,000 nits for several thousand hours. In addition, the initial displays using Kopin proprietary backplane have been fabricated and are entering into performance validation testing.

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Samsung Display: the OLED microdisplay market is set to boom in 3-4 years

In 2022, Samsung Display confirmed it is developing OLED microdisplays, and the company has since stepped up its efforts to bring OLED microdisplay to the market. SDC's CEO said that the OLED microdisplay market will 'mature' in 3-4 years, meaning that it is likely that demand for such solutions will drastically increase, and the technology and production will be able to meet this demand.

Samsung Display OLED microdisplay roadmap slide (2022-08)

Samsung itself plans to ensure that it does not fall behind in the race to develop next-gen OLED microdisplays, and will invest and deploy manpower to become a leading supplier. Samsung's $218 million acquisition of US-based eMagin is part of the company's strategy.

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Samsung Display formally starts building its A6 8.6-Gen IT AMOLED production line

Samsung Display announced that is is starting to build its 8.6-Gen AMOLED production line, that will target IT applications (laptops, tablets and monitors). The new A6 line, will be located at Samsung's old L8 LCD line in Asan, that will be converted to AMOLED production. The company held a ceremony today.

Samsung's plan is to install all the major production equipment by the end of 2024, and begin full-scale production in 2026. 

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LG Display said to be progressing with its 8.6-Gen IT AMOLED line plans, to announce its plans in H2 2024

According to recent rumors, LG Display has decided to go ahead and build its 8.6-Gen (2250 x 2600 mm) IT AMOLED line, in Paju, Korea (at its P10 hub, which was originally planned for OLED TV production). The company recently started to conduct discussions with equipment makers for supply agreements.

LGD P10 OLED fab, Paju Korea (March 2019)

LG Display's plan is to officially announce its 8.6-Gen production line plans in the second half of the year, and start ordering equipment. It is likely that the capacity of the fab will be between 7,500 to 15,000 monthly substrates. LG will be using its P10 building and existing equipment (backplane deposition) to reduce the costs of the 8.6-Gen line. This will mean that there will be delays to LG's WOLED TV panel capacity expansion plans. 

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