Lumicore Showcases High-End Digital-Driven Silicon OLED Microdisplays

Lumicore showcased its groundbreaking 1.32-inch OLED microdisplay at SID Displayweek in San Jose, a digital-driven silicon microdisplay that represents a substantial advancement in the field of micro-OLED displays. This innovation promises improvements in display quality, power consumption, and production yield, making it highly suitable for AR and VR/MR applications.

Lumicore's expertise lies in its digital driving technology, which precisely controls pixel brightness in Micro-OLEDs through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). This approach maintains a constant voltage across the OLED, preventing substantial fluctuations in current and brightness due to minor voltage changes.Compared to traditional analog driving, digital driving effectively mitigates noise interference, offering higher grayscale modulation accuracy, faster screen refresh rates, lower circuit power consumption, and reduced manufacturing costs, thereby revolutionizing the conventional technology.


Enhancing various metrics aims to increase user willingness to wear and use the device. In XR experiences, motion sickness is a primary factor affecting wear duration, often caused by motion blur during head movement.Traditional analog driving typically employs black frame insertion to reduce motion blur - in one frame, only 20% of the time is displayed, with the remaining 80% being black, which helps alleviate motion blur. However, the short on-time increases the demand for peak display brightness and may result in considerable flicker issues.Digital driving inherently suppresses motion blur without relying on black frame insertion. Digital scanning divides a frame into multiple subframes with extremely short display times, rendering the motion blur from each subframe negligible. Most of the low-brightness subframes after division are also free from motion blur. This not only eliminates motion blur,but also avoids flicker for a more eye-friendly experience.

The digital driving method ensures that these high-performance displays operate at lower circuit power levels, resulting in significant power savings and extended battery life for AR and VR headsets. 

In terms of manufacturing, Lumicore's digital driving technology plays a crucial role in reducing production costs. The uniformity and stability of the displays lead to high yields during the manufacturing process, thereby lowering costs. This cost-effectiveness is further enhanced by the company's strategic use of a 12-inch Micro-OLED production line, which is currently being prepared. Larger production lines are more efficient, allowing for economies of scale and resulting in more affordable end products for consumers.

Lumicore's 200-mm OLED microdisplay production line, Nanjing China

Moreover, Lumicore is committed to providing optical solutions and custom services tailored to the needs of different industries, ensuring that its technology can adapt to specific requirements, such as high refresh rates for gaming or high resolution for educational scenarios. This flexibility not only enhances the applicability of its displays but also helps optimize cost structures for different market segments.

In summary, Lumicore's digital-driven silicon OLED microdisplays represent a marked leap in both performance and economic efficiency. The technology is capable of delivering high-quality visual experiences while reducing power consumption and manufacturing costs, positioning Lumicore as a leader in next-generation AR and VR/MR displays.

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About Lumicore 

Lumicore, the Chinese leading microdisplay manufacturers that produces the high performance and low power digitally driven micro-OLED displays, was co-founded by Dr. Yuan Ji, one of the pioneers in Chinese silicon microdisplay industry, who has published more than 80 papers and applied over 100 patents on microdisplay technologies, and by TK PEN, the staunch supporters of XR industry and one of the founders of TPV Technology Co, the world largest PC display manufacturer. Lumicore is renowned for its global leadership in the innovation on digital driving technology. Lumicore has established an efficient micro-OLED production line in Nanjing and an experienced IC design team in Shanghai. Currently, Lumicore is serving one of the world's top XR companies. It is ready to open to collaborating with various global XR companies in the future.

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Posted: Jun 12,2024 by Ron Mertens