TCL CSoT denies reports of a $8.7 billion investment in a new 8-Gen AMOLED fab

As OLED display makers are racing to launch IT AMOLED displays (for laptops, monitors and tablets), there has been recent reports that TCL CSoT has decided to build a 8-Gen AMOLED line, in a 63 billion Yuan (about $8.7 billion USD) investment.

TCL CSoT issued a statement that says that this report is inaccurate, and the company has not made a decision yet and does not have an investment plan. 


While the report may have been immature, it is likely that TCL is indeed at least considering such a fab. This was already reported a few months ago, and it is not a surprise as the entire OLED is looking into the IT AMOLED market, which is believed to be one of the key growth areas in the near future, as companies are increasing adoption of OLEDs in monitors, laptops and tablets. Samsung Display has already started building its 8.6-Gen IT AMOLED line, and so has BOE. LG Display is also said to be considering such a new, as do other display makers.

TCL did not that it is now starting to produce AMOLED displays using an inkjet printing process, in a 5.5-Gen line. The company is cautious, though, and admits this is not mass production yet as the technology has yet to be proven mature enough.

Posted: May 08,2024 by Ron Mertens