Kyulux announces a new CFO as the company progresses towards Hyperfluorescence commercialization

Japan-based Hyperfluorescence materials developer Kyulux announced that Jimyeong Yu will join its executive management team, as the company's new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 

Jimyeong Yu will take over as Kyulux’s CFO, replacing Akira Minakuchi, who passed away in September 2023. As CFO of Kyulux, Jimyeong Yu will oversee financial accounting operations including procurement activities, and as a member of the management team, will be involved in formulating and implementing future business plans.

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Zapp invests further in its SuperClean Invar 36 foil production for OLED FMM products

The Zapp Group, which will celebrate its 325th anniversary in 2026 and has launched a major new investment project with the construction of a 12,000 m² production hall for precision foil at its Unna site, in Germany.

The company has come a long way in the past few centuries. Having started in the Leppe Valley of Germany as a small forging shop, Zapp is now a leading metals supplier and one of only a few suppliers in the world that can produce ultra-thin foil from stainless steel, cobalt nickel or titanium alloys. This major investment will further expand its dimensional spectrum down to thicknesses of up to 0.015 mm and widths of up to 650 mm.

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UTG glass developer Dowoo Insys plans to IPO in 2025

A report from Korea suggests that Dowoo Insys is planning to IPO in 2025. The company will list on the Korean Exchange, and it plans to file the preliminary information and documents by the end of the summer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phone

Dowoo Insys was established in 2010, to develop glass products for the display industry. The company's main product is thin flexible glass covers for foldable displays - UTG glass - which it supplies to Samsung Display (its main customer). Dowoo does not produce its own glass - it buys flexible glass from Schott and then treats it in its own facilities. 

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Samsung purchases Orthogonal's mask-less OLED production IP

Reports from Korea suggested that Samsung Display acquired 5 patents from US-based Orthogonal, that contains the company's mask-less OLED production process. With this purchase, SDC has a path towards developing its own maskless OLED production.

Maskless OLED production is of high interest lately, as these technology could offer higher pixel aperture ratio leading to higher efficiency, brightness and lifetime and brighter OLEDs, compared to FMM-based production processes. JDI for example claims its eLEAP technology enables an 2X increase in brightness and a 3X increase in lifetime, coupled with reduced production costs.

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Xi'an Manareco New Materials to increate its stake of Idemitsu Kosan's OLED business in China to 20%

Xi'an Manareco New Materials announced that it intends to invest around $10 million (76.4 million Yuan) in Idemitsu Kosan's China-based Idemitsu Electronic Materials. Following this investment, Manareco's stake at the company will rise to 20%. 

Xi'an Manareco says that Idemitsu plans to move most of its OLED material production to its China-based company. Manareco is a strategic material supplier to Idemitsu, and it hopes to expand its OLED intermediate business. In addition, the company is developing and supplying OLED stack materials (such as EIL, HIL, ETL and more).

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Visionox announces plans to build a $7.6 billion 8.6-Gen AMOLED line in Hefei

Visionox is the latest company to announce a new AMOLED production line, targeting the IT display market - laptops, monitors and tablets. The company said that it will best 55 billion Yuan (around $7.6 billion USD) to build a 8.6-Gen production line in Hefei, Anhui province.

Visionox's production line will have a monthly capacity of 32,000 substrates. The company did not share any details regarding the timeline of this project, or its financing.

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TCL CSoT denies reports of a $8.7 billion investment in a new 8-Gen AMOLED fab

As OLED display makers are racing to launch IT AMOLED displays (for laptops, monitors and tablets), there has been recent reports that TCL CSoT has decided to build a 8-Gen AMOLED line, in a 63 billion Yuan (about $8.7 billion USD) investment.

TCL CSoT issued a statement that says that this report is inaccurate, and the company has not made a decision yet and does not have an investment plan. 

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Universal Display reports excellent financial results for Q1 2024

Universal Display announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2024. Total revenues were $165.3 million (up from $130.5 million in Q1 2023), and a net income of $56.9 million (up from $39.8 million).

UDC PHOLED materials photo (2017)
UDC says it seas meaningful growth opportunities across several verticals: the IT display market, TVs, smartphones, and foldable phones. UDC raised the lower end of its guidance for 2024, now it believes it will be in the range of $635 million to $675 million.

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Seeya starts constructing its second OLED microdisplay production line in Shanghai

OLED microdisplay developer Seeya Technology announced that it is starting to build its second OLED microdisplay production line, in Shanghai. The company will start to move in and install the production equipment next month.

The new production line will have a monthly capacity of 9,000 300 mm substrates, similar to the company's first line which is already in mass production. The total cost of the new fab is expected to reach 2 billion Yuan (around $275 million USD).

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The Elec: UDC's blue PHOLED material is still unstable, may delay market introduction

Universal Display Corporation has announced several times that it is progressing with its blue PHOLED material development, and it is on track to release the first commercial material by the end of 2024. In November 2023 we reported that UBI estimates that Samsung has delayed the adoption of a blue PHOLED to the second half of 2025.

UDC RGB PHOLED materials photoNow there's a new report in Korea that claims that UDC's blue PHOLED project is facing technical challenges, and UDC is still not able to achieve a long-lasting blue emitter at the right color point. It will be interesting to know whether UDC addresses this issue in its next investor conference call (May 2nd). 

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