Seeya starts constructing its second OLED microdisplay production line in Shanghai

OLED microdisplay developer Seeya Technology announced that it is starting to build its second OLED microdisplay production line, in Shanghai. The company will start to move in and install the production equipment next month.

The new production line will have a monthly capacity of 9,000 300 mm substrates, similar to the company's first line which is already in mass production. The total cost of the new fab is expected to reach 2 billion Yuan (around $275 million USD).


Seeya is already producing OLED microdisplays in its first 300 mm Shanghai production line). Seeya's current standard displays range from 0.49" FHD displays to 1.03" 2.5K ones. For more information on Seeya's displays, technology and roadmap, click here.

The OLED microdisplay industry has increased its capacity dramatically in recent years (and will continue to do so in the near future) as display makers in China and elsewhere are aiming to supply microdisplays for future AR consumer devices. The OLED Toolbox provides an overview of all OLED microdisplay makers, a detailed analysis on the market and technologies and structured data on existing and planned production lines, microdisplays, companies and more.

You can find OLED microdisplays from Seeya, BOE and Sony at the OLED Marketplace.

Posted: Apr 18,2024 by Ron Mertens