Xi'an Manareco New Materials to increate its stake of Idemitsu Kosan's OLED business in China to 20%

Xi'an Manareco New Materials announced that it intends to invest around $10 million (76.4 million Yuan) in Idemitsu Kosan's China-based Idemitsu Electronic Materials. Following this investment, Manareco's stake at the company will rise to 20%. 

Xi'an Manareco says that Idemitsu plans to move most of its OLED material production to its China-based company. Manareco is a strategic material supplier to Idemitsu, and it hopes to expand its OLED intermediate business. In addition, the company is developing and supplying OLED stack materials (such as EIL, HIL, ETL and more).

Posted: Jun 07,2024 by Ron Mertens