UBI: Samsung to order only a limited number of WOLED TV panels from LGD in 2024

In July 2023, Samsung officially launched the 83" 83S90C, the company's first TV to use LG's WOLED panels, following several years of negotiations and hesitation by the Korean rivals.

Samsung 83S90C

It was assumed that Samsung's total orders from LGD will be limited (as the 83-inch are expensive and not highly popular), and according to UBI, the total number of panels that LGD actually shipped to Samsung is only 'several thousands'.


Next year, UBI estimates that Samsung will order 100,000 83" WOLED panels from LGD. It will also order up to 1.1 million WOLED panels in other sizes, this hasn't been decided yet.

UBI says that Samsung Display will ship 1.2 million QD-OLED TV panels to Samsung Electronics, and the Korean company will be careful not to order more WOLED panels than QD-OLED panels, likely to retain the dignity of SDC.

Posted: Nov 16,2023 by Ron Mertens