The OLED Marketplace now lists LG Display's and BOE's transparent OLED displays

The OLED Marketplace is now listing LGD's range of transparent OLED displays, currently in 30-inch (HD resolution) and 55-inch (FHD resolution). LG's 77" transparent OLED, which will soon enter production, will also be available soon. The displays are available with an optional touch display, can be bought as a bare panel, or a monitor, or a complete 'kiosk' solution.

Transparent OLEDs at Seoul Meyond-dong station

In addition to LGD's displays, we also list BOE's 55" FHD transparent OLED displays. BOE's panel offers similar specifications to LGD's panels, but are lower in cost. BOE is also producing 49-inch transparent OLEDs, and these will hopefully be available at the OLED marketplace soon.


If you are interested in this display for your device or new project, contact us now, or check out more information over at the OLED Marketplace.

Posted: Jan 25,2024 by Ron Mertens