LG Display developed a 10,000 nits OLED microdisplay

LG Display developed a new OLED microdisplay (OLEDoS) that achieves a brightness of 10,000 nits. This development is presented at SID DisplayWeek 2024. 

To achieve this high brightness, LG Display's research team used newly-developed high performance OLED materials, and also used a micro lens array (MLA) to expand the light output from the device. 


In 2020 LG Display unveiled its OLEDoS brand of OLED microdisplays. LGD's first OLEDoS display was a 0.42" 1280x720 (3,500 PPI) panel that uses a color-filter based design. The display offered a brightness of 5,000 nits. In 2021 LGD revealed that it is developing a 1.16" 3K OLED microdisplay, and also a 4K one. The new display detailed in this new research double LGD's OLEDoS device brightness.

LG Display has been developing OLED microdisplay technologies for several years and in 2022 it was reported that LGD is planning to build its first production line, as hoping to supply OLED Microdisplay to Apple in the future. In 2023 it was reported that LGD has decided to postpone its plans to build an OLED microdisplay fab, but will continue its R&D. 

Posted: May 14,2024 by Ron Mertens