Kyulux raises $28.6 million, is on track to achieve full-scale mass production of its HF/TADF emitter system by 2025

Kyulux announced that it has raised $28.6 million USD in its Series C funding round, led by El Camino Capital and the MCP Group. This brings Kyulux total funding so far to $86 million USD.

A part of the Kyulux team based in Fukuoka, Japan

Kyulxu says that it will use the newly raised funds to further accelerate its product development, strengthen its IP portfolio and achieve full-scale mass production of its emitter system by 2025, with its affiliated chemical companies.


Kyulux's 4th-Gen emission technology, Hyperfluorescence, is based on a combination of a TADF and fluorescent OLED emitter. Hyperfluorescence offers a narrow emission spectrum, while still maintaining an almost 100% IQE. This means that the total system efficiency of Hyperfluorescence-based OLEDs can be higher than that of PHOLED OLEDs, as Kyulux explains here.


In May 2022 Kyulux updated on its latest material specification and its commercialization plans, saying that it advances quickly with the development of its blue, red and green emitter systems, and that it should achieve commercialization of its green emitter system by the end of 2023, its red material in early 2024 and its blue material before the end of 2024.

Kyulux RGB material performance (SID Displayweek 2022)

yulux's 4th-Gen Hyperfluorescence materials offer excellent performance both in terms of efficiency and emission spectrum, and do not contain any heavy metals, and so Kyulux believes that the industry will adopt its materials over currently-used phosphorescent materials.

Posted: Dec 01,2023 by Ron Mertens