BOE commercializes tandem smartphone AMOLED displays to improve lifetime and efficiency

According to reports, BOE has commercialized a new tandem OLED architecture, that enabled an improvement of 40% in power consumption and a 600% increase in display lifetime. 

As you can see from the teaser poster above, Chinese smartphone maker Honor will release the first phone to adopt the new panel, the Honor Magic 6 Ultimate, next week on March 18th.


Tandem OLEDs include two layers of material device stacks, one of top of the other, driven together. Using a tandem stack enables driving the OLEDs at lower currents to achieve the same brightness (each one of the layers providing half the total brightness) - which increases the efficiency and lifetime of the OLED materials.

Tandem OLEDs have been adopted before in automotive OLEDs (where long lifetimes are mandatory), and are also being developed for IT applications (laptops, tablets and monitors) where constant UI reduces effective lifetime and may cause burn-in. Tandem stacked OLED devices are likely to be an increasingly popular trend, and to learn more about this promising architeture, consult the newly-released OLED Toolbox.

Posted: Mar 15,2024 by Ron Mertens