DiaDEM: A Digital Discovery Platform for Organic Electronics - Become a Beta Tester and Secure Free Credits

DiaDEM is a platform to boost the development of organic electronics, providing a one-stop-shop solution from digital discovery to experimental verification. DiaDEM comprises an exhaustive database of materials with optoelectronic properties, advanced scientific models for refinement and direct link to the supply chain for efficient procurement of materials for in-house validation. The platform is now ready for beta testing and looking for beta-testers from both academia and industry. Sign up as beta-tester and secure your free DiaDEM credits.

The DiaDEM platform is developed in an EIC Transition-Open project (Grant Agreement No 101057564) by the University of Liverpool (UK), Nanomatch GmbH (Ger) and Kft. (HUN).  DiaDEM revolutionizes R&D in organic electronics (OE) by providing a digital platform to rapidly identify molecules with the desirable combinations of properties and procure the materials for testing to solve three key challenges in OE R&D: (i) design of molecules is limited to chemical intuition and repeated trial & error, with no way to efficiently find materials with desired properties, (ii) there is no efficient way to assess if materials or combination of materials exhibit desired properties when embedded in a device; experimental investigation requires laborious synthesis, purification, device fabrication and measurement; application of advanced computational models requires high-level expertise in underlying science, command-line tools and high-performance computers, (iii) lack of immediate supply of identified candidates prevents rapid experimental validation.

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The OLED Toolbox - all the information you need, in one place

The OLED Toolbox offers a wide array of resources, including guides, projections, analyses, content library and profound insights into the OLED industry and market. Never before has it been so easy to gain access to a complete OLED industry resource.

The OLED Toolbox can be beneficial for many use cases: tuning R&D and marketing efforts, training new employees, market intelligence, identifying partners and customers, optimizing budgets and more. 

As the OLED Toolbox is a whole new concept, the video above can help clarify its purpose, explain what it is all about, and provide details the use cases. Contact us now for more information, and to get samples from the Toolbox

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Visionox shows its latest OLED and MicroLEDs at Displayweek 2024

During Displayweek 2024, Visionox demonstrated many OLED display technologies and panels, and also an interesting microLED prototypes (produced by its subsidiarity Vistar).

Visionox is in the final stages of development of its ViP maskless display production process, and the company showcased some nice ViP smartphone panel prototypes (the technology can be used for any panel size). ViP offers a high improvement in aperture ratio (69% up from 29%) which results in low power consumption and brightness (up to 4X according to Visionox), improved lifetime (up to 6X), improved PPI and more.

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TCL CSOT shows its latest OLED, MicroLED and QD-EL displays at Displayweek 2024

TCL CSOT demonstrated its latest displays, technologies and prototypes at Display Week 2024. The company is focused on inkjet printing technologies, and a lot of the displays on show were indeed printed.

So first up, we TCL demonstrated a 14" 2880x1800 400 nits 30-120Hz ink-jet printed LTPO AMOLED display. The display is produced on a glass substrate, with thin film encapsulation (a 'hybrid OLED').

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BOE shows new OLED displays at SID Displayweek 2024

BOE had a large demonstration at Displayweek 2024, showing several display technologies and many new panels and prototypes.

First up we have a slidable OLED display, one of the largest we've seen, at 31.6". The display offers a resolution of 5944x1672, a sliding distance of just over 260 mm (BOE says its the world's longest) and a sliding radius of 5 mm.

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Samsung shows its latest OLED and QD-EL displays at Displayweek 2024

Samsung Display had a rather large booth at Displayweek 2024, showing its latest OLED displays and technologies. Samsung showed several displays - including foldable smartphone panels, laptop and tablet displays, two QD-OLED displays, its 9.4" round automotive AMOLED, and more.

One interesting display was a panel that combines a foldable and a rollable display, that can open up to an impressively large display. Samsung brands it as a Flex Note Extendable Display.

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First impressions from SID Displayweek 2024

The display industry's premier event, Displayweek, is over. We will now collect our notes, thoughts, photos and images and will share it all in the coming days. In the meantime, we'd like to detail some initial impressions.

Generally speaking, it seems as if the display industry is going through a phase of relatively little innovation, especially with the mature LCD and OLED industry segments. While it has been a very busy week, and attendance at the event seems high, the number of actual demonstrations and prototypes was not stellar and compared to previous years, the booths were smaller and some companies skipped the event this year or preferred to only show their latest displays in private settings. Some thoughts we have:

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Audi releases a video showing the Q6 e-Tron OLED taillights

In July 2023, Audi unveiled the upcoming 2024 Audi Q6 e-tron, with its second-gen OLED taillight technology. The new taillight lighting system use a total of 360 individual OLED panels built into 6 different lighting panels (each made from 60 OLED panels, or segments as Audi calls them), and is able to show warnings and signals to other drivers. Audi now released a nice video showing the new OLED taillight modules in action:

Audi will ship the cars with 8 pre-configured digital light signatures, and customers will be able to add their personal light signatures using the myAudi app. The OLEDs are likely produced by OLEDWorks, like all of Audi's recent OLED panels.

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OLED-based data communication of up to 3GB/sec enabled by new device structure

Researchers from CEA-Leti and the Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord (USPN) developed a new OLED structure that enabled them to achieve two new world records for OLED-based data communication, a bandwidth of 450 Mhz and a transmission throughput of almost 3GB/sec. This more than doubles the previous OLED record. The researchers say that this proves that OLEDs can play a role in future fast photonic-based data communication, which was limited to in-organic microLED devices up until now.

The researchers developed a new OLED structure, in order to find the best compromise between speed, light performance and device size. The researchers used evaporation to deposit 7 layers of various organic materials while precisely controlling how they fit together and stack. The whole device is only 40 um in size.

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Samsung Display demonstrates its latest rollable and foldable automotive OLED panels

Samsung Display is showing its latest rollable automotive OLED panel, at CES 2024. The company says that this display, still at a prototype-stage, incorporates new technologies that enables it to be 30% thinner compared to SDC's previous rollable OLEDs.

Samsung is showing a wide of automotive OLEDs, including a display that is both rollable and foldable, check out the video above. There's also the round 9.4-inch AMOLED that will be used in the upcoming 2025 Mini Cooper.

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