LG Display's OLED EX technology improves the brightness, lifetime, size and image quality of its OLED TV panels, to be adopted in all WOLED panels by Q2 2022

LG Display unveiled its latest OLED TV technology, branded as OLED EX. LG says that these WOLED panels combine new deuterium compounds and personalized algorithms to improve the image quality and increase brightness by up to 30%. EX is an acronym of Evolution and eXperience.

LG Display OLED EX Technology photo

LG Display says that it has "successfully converted the hydrogen elements present in organic light emitting elements into stable deuterium". LGD extracts the deuterium compounds from water, and after stabilization, the compounds allow the OLED devices to be brighter - and also last longer.


The new algorithms employed by LGD studies the individual viewing patterns, and precisely controls the display’s energy input to more accurately express the details and colors of the video content being played.

LGD's new panel bezels will also be thinner by 30% compared to the company's existing panels, and enable reduced bezel thickness (from 6 mm to 4 mm on 65" panels). Starting in Q2 2022, LGD will integrate OLED EX technology into all of its WOLED TV panels manufactured at both its Paju fabs and Guangzhou fabs. This means that all OLED TV panels produced in the second half of 2022 and further will employ the new OLED EX technology.

LGD did not mention this, but earlier this year it started producing the OLED evo panels, which adds a new layer to the WOLED stack to improve the efficiency by around 20%. OLED evo panels are adopted in high-end OLED TVs. It will be interesting to learn whether the OLED EX technology will also be adopted in the OLED evo stack panels, and how these two new technologies combine.

Posted: Dec 29,2021 by Ron Mertens


That next sony aj90 gonna smack harrrrrrd

They started using deuterium in 2021 and those “evo” panels are actually in most OLED tvs out there even though they only advertise them in the G1. 

"LGD extracts the deuterium compounds from water"

What??? That not a LG Invention, LG use OLED materials of DuPont. The isotope material is simply exchanged for the layers.

Wrong informations and a very poor background research. I hope that the quality of News 2022 will not continue at this level.

LGD purchased all DuPont's soluble OLED material patents a few years ago so the deuterated materials likely now belong to LG. I believe the phrase you highlighted is a poorly translated / simplified way of saying that the deuterated compounds are obtained by doing an H/D exchange in heavy water which is how I believe DuPont carried out the deuterations.

Wrong they changed the OLED stack 2021 and called that EVO panel. The deuterium  is new for 2022