LG Display shows new OLED display prototypes at Display Week 2023

LG Display demonstrated several exciting OLED display prototypes at Display Week 2023.

First up was the company's 77" 8K Meta (microlens-array) panel - this has been commercialized already, but it is always a wonder to watch this particular display which offers an extraordinary image quality.


Next up is a new transparent OLED, smaller than LG's previously shown transparent OLEDs (55" and 30") - this one is 13.7" in touch, with a resolution of 480x270 and a transparency of 40%. The panel includes built-in touch and offers a touch refresh rate of 120Hz and a brightness of 400 nits (peak).

LG also unvieled a new 45" bendable WOLED gaming monitor, that can change from curved to flat. It actually has three modes (flat, slightly curved, and immersive) and is quite impressive. This is a larger bendable panel than the 42" one LG commercialized last year.

LGD had more displays on show - including the company's stretchable 12" microLED display. LGD demonstrated a working demo that showed a working touch version of this display covering an automotive-style button, this was also quite impressive.

Posted: Jun 01,2023 by Ron Mertens