Join us next week for a 2-day OLED innovations virtual event, as part of MicroLED-Connect!

MicroLED Connect, our hybrid event series focusing on the microLED industry, will be hosting a two-day virtual event focused on the OLED innovations, technologies, manufacturing, markets and more. The online event will take place next week, on April 10-11, and will be an excellent opportunity to learn the latest OLED updates and connect with industry professionals on our excellent online event platform.

Today we have published the agenda for this event, with 20 exciting talks by leading OLED developers, supply chain companies and top-edge researchers. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with the OLED industry. You can register for the event here, with a yearly pass to MicroLED-Connect (with an option to also include entry into our September on-site event in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). Our members also gain access to past event recordings.


The OLED innovations virtual event will also present a unique view point for microLED developers, to understand the directions and roadmaps (both technological and industrial) of the OLED industry, as these two technologies will compete for future market share in various market within a few years. 

MicroLED-Connect's main flagship event will take place on September 24-26 2024, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The event will include a conference, masterclasses, an exhibition - and will place a big focus on networking opportunities and activities. MicroLED-Connect will bring together leading researchers (academia and R&D institutes), microLED developers and display makers, who will present the latest technology and research advancements, the challenges still facing the industry, the current status of the industry and market, and much more. 

We have already confirmed a great list of exhibitors and speakers, including Google, TCL CSoT, Aixtron, Bugatti, JCDecaux, Global Foundries, Coherent, imec.Xpand, KAUST, CEA-Leti, UCSB, Vuereal, Kulicke & Soffa, the Holst Centre, Fraunhofer IAP, University of Srtrathclyde, and more.

MicroLED-Connect is organized by MicroLED-Info, the MicroLED Industry Association (MIA) and TechBlick. Click here for more information. Early bird discounts are now available for attendees and exhibitors, please contact us for details. MicroLED Association members are entitled to a generous discount for the association-backed event.

Posted: Apr 02,2024 by Ron Mertens