WeylChem InnoTec, Germany and IT-Chem, South Korea join forces to speed up the market penetration of cutting-edge high-value electronic materials for customers

This is a sponsored post by WeylChem InnoTec and IT-Chem

To speed up material development and transfer laboratory results quickly and efficiently to mass production in highly competitive markets with short innovation cycles, WeylChem InnoTec combines its many years of in-depth electronic chemical process development expertise with IT-Chem's manufacturing excellence. WeylChem InnoTec and IT-Chem are aware of the increasing demand for deuterated materials and sublimation in the organic electronics industry and therefore operate cutting-edge technology for commercial scale deuterium oxide (D2O) production and state-of-the-art sublimation quipment to enable material development to commercial manufacturing at both sites - a unique
offering in the CDMO landscape.

Benefits to electronic material companies from the strategic alliance are manifold - the supply of sublimated pilot quantities developed in Germany and, at the customer's discretion, manufacture and sublimation of commercial volumes in South Korea or Germany. The promise to customers is the seamless transfer or split of manufacture and sublimation of their products between production sites, if desired. The end-to-end solution offered by WeylChem InnoTec and IT-Chem enables fast, efficient, and flexible realization of customer’s projects from sampling to commercial quantities in reliably highest purity and deuteration levels.


In addition, the companies are committed to maximizing security of supply on-time in-full for their customers. By backward integrating price-volatile and geopolitically uncertain precursors and key intermediates, the two companies will also provide added value for the development, manufacture, and sublimation of future electronic materials and platforms based on the customer's technology and materials. Notably, to meet the steadily increasing demand for deuterated electronic materials, IT-Chem is leading South Korea’s national project for D2O production, which enables the high-purity, and energy- and cost-efficient manufacture of deuterated electronic materials, previously developed by WeylChem InnoTec.

For more information, reach out to:

WeylChem InnoTec (https://www.weylchem-innotec.com), Christoph Naumann, SVP Marketing & Sales (christoph.naumann@weylchem.com), and Daniel D’Souza, Director Marketing and Sales (daniel.dsouza@weylchem.com)

IT Chem (www.itchem.co.kr) , Dong Un Lee, Manager Business Development (dulee@itchem.co.kr)

About WeylChem InnoTec:

WeylChem InnoTec is a leading global CDMO dedicated to the development and manufacture of high quality products for its customers. The company is committed to providing customers with innovative products and expert services. WeylChem InnoTec has a strong track record in the development and manufacture of OLED, LC, and general display materials dating back to the early 1990s, in the days of Höchst AG. WeylChem InnoTec symbolizes innovation, economic success, and responsible entrepreneurship with a clear focus on the customer.

About IT-Chem:

IT-Chem is a synthetic materials company located at South Korea, manufactures OLED materials, APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, and fine and specialty chemicals for its customers. IT-Chem’s major customers, amongst others, include top tier Korean flat panel makers. IT-Chem is now focusing on business expansion at the OLED material market with a new generation technology, namely deuterated OLED material using D2O as the source.

Posted: May 08,2023 by Ron Mertens