Printed Electronics Europe: Where Suppliers Meet End Users

The following is a sponsored post by IDTechEx

An estimated 2,500 people will attend Printed Electronics Europe, part of the world’s largest series of events on printed, flexible and hybrid electronics, which will be held on 11-12 April at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin.

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2017 photo

The unique focus of the event is to speed up the adoption of printed electronics by bringing together end users with suppliers across the value chain. Presentations from end users will cover their progress and use cases involving the technology, with speakers from a variety of global organizations representing different industry verticals including Beko, Johnson & Johnson, Cartamundi, Saati, Panasonic, Huawei, GE Healthcare and many more.

The event, which will also feature over 200 exhibitors, is hosted by IDTechEx, the global advisory and business intelligence research firm, which focuses on providing impartial market and technology assessment to clients. IDTechEx analysts construct the agenda and cherry pick the leading speakers from around the world to ensure that the latest trends and opportunities are aired for attendees, providing valuable insights.

Key themes at Printed Electronics Europe this year include wearables in healthcare, with speakers including Sanofi, Galvani, Siemens and Qualcomm; innovation in the automotive industry with speakers including McLaren, Porsche and Plastic Omnium; to sessions focussed on e-textiles, stretchable electronics, structural electronics, display innovations, materials breakthroughs, hybrid electronics manufacturing and much more.

In total over 225 speakers will cover a huge range of business requirements and emerging enabling technologies, pulled together with candid market and technology appraisal by IDTechEx analysts.

To promote attendee engagement and facilitate the most productive event on printed electronics for attendees, Printed Electronics Europe will be operating a match making service allowing attendees to connect with other attendees and organise meetings in advance of the event.

Business professionals responsible for growth, business development, product development, business leadership, research leadership and technology scouting will be attending to explore new opportunities for the organizations they represent.

Don’t miss this annual event in Europe to see in one place the latest innovations and meet customers involved throughout the entire printed electronics industry.

Printed Electronics Europe will be held at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany, on 11 - 12 April with expert led masterclasses on 10 April and 13 April. Register now to attend from just €99 with early registration.

Posted: Mar 08,2018 by Ron Mertens