LG Display teams up with Boeing and LIG Nex1 to show a next-gen aircraft smart cabin

As OLED technologies are making inroads into the aerospace industry, LG Display has teamed up with Boeing and LIG Nex1 to introduce a new aircraft smart cabin concept, utilizing the company's latest OLED displays.

The three companies started collaborating back in 2020, to realize how OLEDs can benefit aircraft interior design. For this project, LG Display developed aircraft-specific OLED panels, ensuring higher reliability and safety compared to regular OLED panels. The new smart cabin concept includes a 55" OLED panel that is installed at the aircraft entrance, curved OLED at the aircraft's ceiling, 30-inch transparent OLED panels placed in the cabin partitions, and a 27-inch OLED panel in the crew galley.


LG Display says that the transparent OLED used as a cabin partition meets the certification standards of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, and LG Display plans to pursue further certifications.

Posted: May 30,2024 by Ron Mertens