Kopin announces its third OLED microdisplay defense design win and order

Kopin Corporation  announced that it has received its third order for its OLED microdisplays, to be used in thermal imaging vision systems, for the Indian army. Kopin says that it will deliver over 1,200 microdisplays over a six-month time span.

Kopin Lightning 2K OLED microdisplay

Last month Kopin announced that it has a achieved two important milestones in its OLED projects. Kopin is in the process of establishing an OLED deposition partner in Europe, and the company has reported impressive performance improvements.


Kopin recently spun-off its consumer OLED business unit to Lightning Silicon Technology, which also licensed Kopin's OLED technology. LST produces its displays at China-based Lakeside Optoelectronics.

Posted: May 01,2024 by Ron Mertens