EHD live printing at Lopec 2024 - Small drops make the difference

Notion Systems and Scrona presented the n.jet EHD system to the public for the first time during the LOPEC 2024 exhibition. The globally unique multi nozzle EHD printing system for functional materials is capable of printing resolutions of < 1 µm or materials with viscosities of up to 10.000 cP.

Today the GEN3 EHD print head offers 8 fully digital nozzles with a pitch of 100µm which will be increased to 256 fully digital nozzles by Q1/2025, outperforming conventional inkjet printing by several orders of magnitude, paving the way for additive printing in applications dominated by photolithographic process.

The company reports a great interest in its booth and demonstration. Most visitors were not aware of the EHD technology and were very impressed by the technology and its capabilities.


Notion and Scrona launched a strategic partnership in 2021 to develop, build and market a laboratory system called n.jet EHD. The two companies combine Notion's expertise in developing and manufacturing high-end printing systems for functional materials with Scrona's novel multi-nozzle EHD MEMS print heads. The partnership between Notion and Scrona will promote this new technology in various applications such as display, electronics or semiconductor manufacturing. Notion Systems will manufacture and service the n.jet EHD Lab printing System, primarily for high-level research and development facilities. The goal, of course, is to incorporate Scrona's EHD technology into Notion's production platforms, such as the n.jet display or the n.jet semicon, in the medium term.

In 2022 Notion announced it shipped multiple systems to leading R&D labs and universities in Europe. These systems are used for research and development of new display, semi- or micro-technology applications. The new EHD (electrohydrodynamic) print head enable OLED material printing with dramatically improved resolution and throughout - at the micron and sub-micron scale. Scrona's NanoDrip printing technology is based on the company's proprietary versatile MEMS microfabrication process. The printheads can be customized in nozzle-size and -layout to the requirements of specific applications. The technology is scalable for high volume production requirements, and it works with high ink viscosities of up to 10.000 cP.

Specifically for OLED and microdisplay applications, EHD printing offers many opportunities such as the micro-dispensing of OLED materials, printing of conductive layers or printing high aspect ratio walls.

Our sales expert for the EHD Technology Max Mosberg has planned a roadshow for the next few months and is looking forward to presenting this technology at Displayweek in San Jose from May 14 to 16 at our booth #1219 (German Pavilion).

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Posted: May 07,2024 by Ron Mertens